What kind of clothes fabrics are needed for different garments?

Update:08 May 2018

Fabrics are used to make clothes, but the characteristi […]

Fabrics are used to make clothes, but the characteristics of the fabrics used in different clothes are also not necessary. Every piece of clothing we wear can find the characteristics of the five major fabrics. What kind of fabrics are required for different types of clothing?

1. Soft fabric suitable for skirts

Soft fabrics are generally relatively thin, with good drape, smooth lines, and naturally stretched clothing contours. Soft fabrics include woven fabrics from knitted fabrics and silk fabrics as well as soft and thin linen fabrics. Soft knitted fabrics are often used to reflect the graceful curves of the human body in the style of the fashionable design and simple lines; there are also the effects of loose pleats, and the flowing performance of fabrics.

2, refreshing fabric suitable for suits and suits

Fresh fabrics, clear lines and a sense of volume, can form a full line of clothing. Common fabrics are cotton, polyester-cotton, corduroy, linen, and a variety of thick wool and synthetic fabrics. Such fabrics can be used to highlight the accuracy of apparel designs, such as suits and suit designs.

3, Glossy fabric suitable for evening dresses

The smooth, shiny fabric reflects the light and glossy finish. This type of fabric includes a satin fabric structure. The most commonly used stage shows evening dresses or suits, and produce a strong dazzling visual effects. The performance of the shiny fabric in the shape of the dress is a very wide degree of freedom, and there can be a simple design or a more exaggerated style of modeling.

4, thick wool fabric suitable for wool coat

Thick and thick fabrics can produce a stable styling effect, including various types of thick wool and quilted fabrics. The fabric has an expanded physical meaning, rather than excessive use of pleats and stacking, the most suitable designs for Type A and Type H styles.

5, transparent fabric suitable for chiffon underwear

The transparent, light and transparent fabric has elegant and mysterious artistic effects. Including cotton, silk and chemical fiber fabrics, such as the silk, chemical fiber, and snow lace, which are produced by the Guangdong textile manufacturers, are well-known in the industry. In the past 28 years, these fabrics have been provided to more than 1000 large and medium-sized fabrics. In order to express the transparency of fabrics, commonly used natural fullness, changeable H type and round table design shape lines.