When did Chinese silk fabrics appear?

Update:01 Feb 2019

Silk is a liquid that is spit out of silkworms when it […]

Silk is a liquid that is spit out of silkworms when it is crusted. It is made from silk protein and sericin by air. The yarn has excellent properties, high toughness and good elasticity. A silkworm can be silked about 1000 meters long. The cultivation of silkworm silk and silk embroidery has become the main labor of ancient Chinese women. A small worm has played such a big role in the lives of Chinese people and caused shocks around the world.
When did Chinese silk fabrics appear? According to the archaeological excavation data, China's silk fabrics began in the Liangshi culture of the Neolithic Age in the southeastern region, dating from 2735-2175 BC.
The Chinese Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD) and the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) were two peak periods. In terms of silk weaving is also an unprecedented development, reaching a peak, and there are many real logistics. For a long time, China has not only invented silk, but also the only country with such handicrafts. Due to the outward output of high-grade silk fabrics, China has been hailed as a "silk country" by countries all over the world.
The so-called "silk" is a type of silk fabric. Silk, the texture is fine, but not too thin, there are raw weaving, cooked weaving, plain weaving, (simple pattern on plain weave).
The pattern of Chinese silk fabrics has shown a colorful scene from the beginning. Whether it is small flowers, large flowers, monochrome, color, and geometric and natural shapes, it is adapted to the structure of silk and its practical use, and it is reflected in the contemporary art decoration. Chinese traditional craft decorative patterns not only pay attention to the beauty of form in terms of subject matter and content, but also emphasize the meaning of auspiciousness. The propositions that ward off evil and drive evil are also for peace and happiness.
Silk brocade has won the cherished love of all mankind with its gorgeous and noble quality, and it has been mixed with various weaving techniques, and the unique artistic ingenuity has created a glory of three thousand years.